Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Jacques Dutronc & Bob Telden

as you see on the photos, jaques knows how to make fun about himself and also about his generation and society.
this is jaques´ third album, also the third one without an album-titel - pleasantly!
Back in the 60s&70s he was one of the BIG in french music business and is still married with the chanson star francoise hardy.

on the album you will find one of his biggest hits "il est cinq heures, paris séveille".
1969, one year later, bob telden has done a german cover version of this catchy song and named it "berlin erwacht".

ok..i dont like "il est cinq heures, paris séveille" that much, so i chose another one.
"les rois de la reforme" starts with hard drums and a soft singing jaques dutronc ..what a beginning !! you will love it!

jaques dutronc-les rois de la reforme

Download here

but i have to show you guys the "il est cinq heures, paris séveille" version of bob.
especially for those of you, who understand german.
i have to say i got a preference for german cover-songs!
so here it is...

bob telden-berlin erwacht

Download here

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