Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2011

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Dienstag, 1. März 2011

P1/e - 49 Seconds Romance

small project from alexander hacke & friends.
the single is from 1980.both sides are amazing!

check 49seconds!

p1/e - 49 seconds romance

Download here!

Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Samuel Hobo - Freedom Day

minimal/futur/electro-tunes from jean-michael jarre & a dirty voice, with strange lyrics about:freedom,shootgun & whatever..thats samuel hobo´s "freedom day" from 1973.
today hobo´s name is "sam benzo" and hes still in the biz, doing some jazz/folk/afro/blues-stuff..still that strange !

Samuel Hobo - Freedom Day

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Was Tun - Aktion

the first album of "was tun" came out on pläne-records in 1975.
most songs are boring politrock, but theres one nice instrumental psych/funk track..

... "AKTION" !

Was Tun-Aktion

Download here

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

Hase Caesar - Wir Fliegen Weiter (Mondsong)

some of you will know the "hase cäsar"(rabbit cäsar), he was the main character in an 60s tv-show for children.
i found these record a week ago, the vinyl is in terrible condition,but anyway, the track is da bomb!
the guy behind the producing is ingfried hoffmann.


Hase Cäsar - Wir Fliegen Weiter (Mondsong)

Download here!

Ariel Silber - Movie Instead

1969 a guy from israel, named "ariel silber", created a great beat/garage song..with good dose of punk!!
some years later a guy called "johnny rotten" try to use ariels style, as a leader of a boygroup in the UK...but hey, this was around 10years later !!!!

thanks erez for these great piece of music and for all the infos about underground-music from israel!
hope to see you in summer!

Ariel-Silber-Movie Instead

Dowload here!

Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

Christian Lunch - Party Boys

on one of my favorits lables "Konkurrenz", "Christian Lunch" had his first album release in 1981.
"Party Boys" is an fast,electronic track with a vocal that sounds like an party member from the former GDR, who speaks to the Youth:" get up and start dancing to rock n´roll".

Christian Lunch -Party Boys

Download here

Bobby Callender - Nature

Bobby Callenders first album Rainbow came out in the US in 1968.
its a mix of psychedlic,folk&easylisting, with a huge dose of vibes from india.

some of you knows these guy: "Gonja Sufi"?!

...but this here is more than 40years earlyer! ;)

Bobby Callender-Nature

Download here


"Kassettentäter"is a series of compilations of 80s wave/minimal/synth cassettes.
"Kassettentäter vol.2 Deutscher-Kassetten-Untergrund 1980-1983" was released in 2004.

was a band from osnabrück and the song "bewustseinstörung" was take from the sampler "Nur noch Gesundheit-Osnabrück Sampler",which released in 1983 on "Reinfall Tapes"


Download here

Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

The Residents - Its A Mans World

1984 the residents covered the song "its a mans world" from james brown to promote their album "george & james".
for me..its a much better version ;)

the residents - its a mans world

Download here

Adriano Celentano - Er Kommt Nie Wieder

the big film and musicstar from italy sings in german language about "that her ex will never come back and shes now his own"
adriano at his best!

adriano celentano-er kommt nie wieder

Download here

Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

Eric Hine - Not Fade Away

a obscure/wave/disco cover version of "not fade away".
eric hine/1981

Eric Hine - Not fade away

Download here

code III - countdown

klaus schulz plays the drums on the amazing track "countdown", from 1974.
"planet of man" is the only album from the band calles "code III".

get hypnotized!

and dont forget .."make war not love"

code III - countdown

Download here

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Helge Schneider - Schneemann Bau`n

the one and only helge schneider!
for me one of the best comedian´s in germany and a huge musictalent.

"Zwei einsame Herzen im Schnee, wollen nicht nur Schneemann baun. Sie wollen ficken!"

Helge Schneider-Schneemann bau´n

Download here

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Krisma - I Must Know Your Name

"krisma" or original "chrisma" where formed by maurizio arcier and his wife christa moser.
"nothing to do with the dog"(1983) is there third album of "krisma" and its a good mix of synthpop and and obscure wave.
the song "i must know your name" reminds me to the early stuff of "peaches".
no pop-just a simple,cold beat and a cool,smooth voice.

Krisma-I must know your name

Downlaod here

Faust - Baby

the album "munich & elsewhere" was released in 1986 ,all tracks are recorded back in 1973-1975.

i have a preference for progressive rock from the 70s with german lyrics. the problem is..most of them are about political stuff. the song "baby" is different.
the refrain goes like this:

aaa baby
are you coming to the cinema with me?
aaa baby
And after that we'll go for a meal
And after that we'll go dancing
And after that we'll go screwing


this is real life!


Download here

whenever i feel low

Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Frederic Mercier - Storm

the pacifictrain/desertstorm 113 is coming...

this song is dedicated 2 the boys in the hood!

storm is an dark/powerfull-synth track.

Frederic mercier-storm

Download here

Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Peter Jacobi - Niederwammerl Superdrummerl

"i could cry vor lauta bluus" is an blues/rock/folk album from 1974, all songs are with bavarian-accent.
most of the songs are about political stuff, but in a funny way.
for me the only realy great song is the last one - the "niederwammerl", its about a drummer and his work.
and who plays the drums for this song?
.....the one and only " klaus weiss" !!!!

Peter Jacobi-Niederwammerl

長谷川きよし - いにしえ坂

back in 1972 kiyoshi hasegawa was the first japanese artist on vertigo-japan. "inishizaka" was his first album and its a great mix of traditional japanese music,folk,rock and psychedelic.
all songs are writen in japanese letters on the back-cover, so i dont know the name of the song i chose.

anyway,on "ハイウェイ" ,kiyoshi plays eastern psych with megaphone vocals, virtuoso violin and gongs. a strange winding melody is a bonus, too!

kiyoshi hasegawa-ハイウェイ

Download here

Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Jacques Dutronc & Bob Telden

as you see on the photos, jaques knows how to make fun about himself and also about his generation and society.
this is jaques´ third album, also the third one without an album-titel - pleasantly!
Back in the 60s&70s he was one of the BIG in french music business and is still married with the chanson star francoise hardy.

on the album you will find one of his biggest hits "il est cinq heures, paris séveille".
1969, one year later, bob telden has done a german cover version of this catchy song and named it "berlin erwacht".

ok..i dont like "il est cinq heures, paris séveille" that much, so i chose another one.
"les rois de la reforme" starts with hard drums and a soft singing jaques dutronc ..what a beginning !! you will love it!

jaques dutronc-les rois de la reforme

Download here

but i have to show you guys the "il est cinq heures, paris séveille" version of bob.
especially for those of you, who understand german.
i have to say i got a preference for german cover-songs!
so here it is...

bob telden-berlin erwacht

Download here